Top Venture Builders in Germany: Leading Innovation Across Industries

Fed up! Are you aiming to create a new company but you are weak from a tech position? Are you excited to build your own software without any coding skills? Great, Venture Builders are being added now.

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The pros and cons of venture builders.

Venture builders have the best tech team, thanks to which you can quickly put your thoughts into practice and turn them into existing prototypes as well as MVPs. Collaboration with venture builders decreases the risk and speeds up your journey to the target.

Be sure to include venture builders in your team before you talk to the VCs. If willing to rely on their knowledge and supplies, you can bring your funding aspirations close to the product-market fit. Through the agency of venture builders, you can make technical advancements that will push you over the finish line in your startup development.

Top venture builders in Germany:

Rocket Internet

  • Focus: Venture builder with over 200 investments, known for scaling startups.
  • Notable Ventures: Payflow, Bluenest, Global Savings Group.
  • Founders: Alexander Samwer, Marc Samwer, Oliver Samwer.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.


  • Focus: Corporate venture builder in finance.
  • Notable Ventures: Solaris Banks, Connect, Element.
  • Founders: Ramin Niroumand, owned by IONIQ Group.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany, and San Francisco, USA.

Next Big Thing (NBT)

  • Focus: IoT and Blockchain, also an operational VC, incubator, and accelerator.
  • Notable Ventures: Assistr, Weeve, METR.
  • Founders: Harald Zapp, Michael Bommer, Maik Käbisch.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.

Team Europe

  • Focus: E-commerce startups.
  • Notable Ventures: Spreadshirt, Brands4Friends.
  • Founder: Lukasz Gadowski.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.


  • Focus: Builds startups and digital units for corporates across various sectors.
  • Notable Ventures: POSpulse, mobilejob.
  • Founders: Dr. Christian Lüdtke, Philipp Depiereux, Philipp Herrmann, owned by EY.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.

Creative Dock

  • Focus: Climate and health, working with large corporations.
  • Clients: Trumpf, Vattenfall, Henkel, Baloise.
  • Founders: Felix Staeritz, Andreas von Oettingen, Michael Stephanblome.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.


  • Focus: Ventures in finance and daily life improvements.
  • Notable Exits: Payolution, PAY.ON.
  • Founder: Nikolaus von Taysen.
  • Location: Munich, Germany.

Heartbeat Labs

  • Focus: Digital health companies.
  • Notable Ventures: FernArtz, Sinbionik.
  • Founders: Stephanie Kaiser, owned by IONIQ group.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.


  • Focus: Broad startup support across industries.
  • Founder: Antonio A. Gatti Balsarri.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.


  • Focus: Deep tech products solving industrial problems.
  • Notable Ventures: Statice, Hasty, deevio.
  • Managing Directors: Martin Mittermeier, Julius Patzelt, Marius Pfuhl.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.


  • Focus: B2B tech ideas.
  • Notable Ventures: VAI, Goodnity.
  • Founder: Henrike Luszick.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.

Found Fair

  • Focus: Fintech, Mobility, Marketplaces, Adtech, Medtech.
  • Founder: Burckhardt Bonello.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.

Venture Stars

  • Focus: Internet startups.
  • Notable Exits: Miflora, Vaola, Justbool.
  • Founder: Stefan Pfannmoeller.
  • Location: Munich, Germany.


  • Focus: Business building from ideation to growth.
  • Partners: Coca-Cola, Henkel.
  • Founders: Peter Henssen, Robin Rohrmann, Julius Hansen.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.

Hanse Ventures

  • Focus: Internet sector with seed financing and expert knowledge.
  • Founder: Jochen Maab.
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany.


  • Focus: High-tech ventures.
  • Notable Ventures:,, Werkerapp.
  • Founders: Benjamin Schüdzig, Manfred Tropper, Markus Ortmann.
  • Location: Munich, Germany.


  • Focus: Various business models, and significant revenue generation.
  • Notable Achievements: AboutYou, Hapag Lloyd tools.
  • Founders: Nils Seebach, Alexander Graf, Tarek Müller.
  • Location: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich (Germany), Osijek (Croatia).

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