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At JetThoughts, we love what we do and the team members we work with.

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People are at the center of any successful business. At JetThoughts, we recognize the importance of making every team member our priority.

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Long-Term Focused

We’ve rarely ever fired employees because our hiring is focused on the bigger picture. We strive to find the best people to align around our long-term vision.

Tight knit team

Tight-Knit Team

Unlike larger development agencies, we aim to create a curated team environment that’s familiar, supportive, and empowering. Everyone on our team knows each other well and collaborates closely (whether remote or in-person).

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Flexible Environment

Culture is the heart of any company and we believe a high-performing team needs an environment that’s adaptable and flexible. Our team is distributed worldwide and works on a schedule that’s optimal for their situation.

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Growth Beyond JetThoughts

At JetThoughts, we offer more than simply a job. Employees get access to the company’s network and we provide opportunities to step up in bigger ways.

World class training

World-Class Training

A key part of what makes JetThoughts successful is our proprietary systems for training, onboarding, and managing the software development process. Learn development best practices from a top-tier digital agency.

John Doe

“The best company I worked for, and I'm not just saying this as a current employee. In fact that's my second career session at JetThoughts after a 2 year break at a different company.”

Current Employee (3+ Years)

Ruby on Rails Developer at JetThoughts


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If you want to work in a dynamic, multicultural environment and with a variety of client industries, please check out our current open positions.

  • Engineering

Junior Ruby on Rails Developer


Remote (Kyiv Timezone UTC+02:00)


Ideally 1+ Year of Experience

  • Engineering

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer


Remote (Kyiv Timezone UTC+02:00)


5+ Years of Experience

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