From what to start to stop delivering bugs when there is no time for changes?

While you are struggling with breaking into the market; small bugs, UX problems, unexpected behaviors make you insane. You start thinking that you and your team are doing something wrong.

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And for start over there is no time, there are obligations which you need to deliver now.

So what can you do now, just after reading this post? How do make things smoother and make deliveries stable and predictable?

Why is all that happening?

Don’t “Bite Off More Than You Can Chew”!

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We want to get faster results, and we push ourselves. Without enough knowledge, we deliver so many errors and unsolved problems. Later, all of them become too heavy for us to move forward.

So what should you do now without big changes?

Here are no extra services and tools tips to onboard.

  • Move to Weekly Goals

  • Split Work into 2 Days Tasks

  • Limit WIP to 2 Tasks per Developer

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Weekly Goals

Start thinking about what can you do or learn this week to go toward Roadmap Goals and Mission.

Kickoff with the team what will you deliver at the end of the week, without a doubt. Make sure that your goal will be ready for production use, with all QA and Integration steps included.

Post the goal and pin it, that everybody will see it.

Work into 2 Days Tasks

To achieve Deliverable Weekly Goals, need to prevent waste in doing something wrong and unexpected. Here is a checklist to help to build it:

  • What should we do to deliver the feature?

  • What can we change in the scope to make it 2 days tasks?

  • What can we do to make it deliverable without awaiting other parts of the Feature?

  • How can we drop dependency on other tasks?

  • Could we design a temporal solution for now, until we will be able to deliver a whole scope of the Feature?

  • Do we need to have Feature Flag to hide it temporarily?

Limit WIP to 2 Tasks per Developer

Laser Focus will make sure that our solution will provide the best experience for our customers. Reducing the number of times in the progress as a team and personally will give you confidence and faster delivery. Here are the most effective limits per Developer which help:

  • 1 Task on the coding stage

  • 1 Task on the review and verification stage

Result in the 2 weeks

Applying those the most common Lean / Kanban practices will give you and the team satisfaction in 2 weeks already.

Paul Keen is an Open Source Contributor and a Chief Technology Officer at JetThoughts. Follow him on LinkedIn or GitHub.

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