See How JetThoughts Helped LimeLeads Transform a Legacy Codebase & Stabilize the Product for Long-Term Performance

To help salvage & improve their complex legacy codebase, LimeLeads hired us to augment their on-site product development team to help increase the velocity of feature development and bug-fixing at minimal financial cost.




Database Provider


United States


30+ Months & Ongoing

Client Overview

LimeLeads is a searchable B2B database software that provides access to high-quality sales & marketing data with a do-it-yourself user experience and real-time validation.

They initially reached out to JetThoughts to augment their on-site product development team to help increase the velocity of feature development and bug-fixing at minimal financial cost.


LimeLeads envisioned a complete transformation of their software product, which was built on an out-of-date codebase years ago by the original founder.

In addition to the development initiative, LimeLeads also desired to optimize their technology operations and development processes to be more effective.


The codebase at LimeLeads had been touched by several people and service vendors, which made it difficult to understand, navigate, and maintain without a dedicated specialist.

After losing their main technology specialist, LimeLeads knew they would need the assistant of a full-stack technical consultant who could untangle the problems with their legacy codebase.


JetThoughts provided a fractional CTO resource to help guide the project and a full-time engineer to act as a virtual extension of LimeLeads’ development team.

In addition, we provided a dedicated project advisor to bring real-time visibility into progress and ensure alignment with the leadership team at LimeLeads.


From the very beginning of the engagement, JetThoughts provided LimeLeads’ team with deep technical guidance based on decades of experience to help ensure a successful outcome.

We started the project with a kick-off meeting where we set expectations for the engagement, learned about the software, and aligned around a winning strategy.

To provide clarity into process & outcomes, we aligned around a simple development framework that enabled LimeLeads to monitor budget & maximize the value delivered by our engineers.

Throughout the entirety of the engagement, we kept the team composition flexible to the specific needs and circumstances that LimeLeads faced.


  • Unblocked release changes & development
  • Transformed product performance & speed
  • Solved all technical scale & reliability issues
“The project was hugely successful in that it was released in a short amount of time, one of the consultants from JetThoughts helped us to remove all issues and accomplished all of our core goals of infinite scale, high performance, and reliability.”

Matthew Fields


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