Why communication is so important when you work remotely?

Communication at work is one of the most important aspects of any business.

But why? Let’s take a brief look at the reasons.

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Working routine

How does your working day in the office start? Right, it starts with coffee.

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Seriously, coffee is the most important part of my daily routine. When you work remotely, you are not able to come to the office in the morning, take your favorite cup, make fresh coffee and drink it while chatting with your colleagues before the working day starts.

So what to do when you work from home? How to get along with your colleagues? The answer is obvious. The cup of coffee doesn’t matter, but communication with coworkers means a lot. The process of chatting, exchanging your thoughts, makes you productive for the whole day. Excellent ideas, innovative approaches, and ideas on how to solve the problems come in your mind when you are talking.

Communication through technology

If you truly want to improve your business’ communication, technology can take your information sharing to the next level.

An app such as the Discord allows coworkers to communicate and share files quickly and hassle-free.

With apps like this, team members can convey information to each other instantaneously. Communication apps are the face of the future and just one of the ways that your company can keep up with the modern world.


Effective team communication means everyone’s on the same side. There will be less misunderstanding on project status, development process, division of labor, and the timeframe for project completion. Confusion in any of these cases may result in work not occurring at the right time.

Clear communication helps everyone in the business — clients, managers, developers, employees — understand what is expected of them, leading to fewer misunderstandings.

Сlear goals

Members of the team should communicate with each other about the end goal of a specific project or task. When a person understands why he’s doing certain tasks, he’ll be more motivated to complete the task quickly. So, when you work remotely it’s better to discuss by calling, not just writing.


Two (or more) heads are better than one. When employees effectively communicate with each other, they can work together to solve problems. Sometimes even gifted employees can’t solve a problem on their own. A fresh set of eyes, or a different skill set, might be helpful.

Greater cooperation, even across groups (developers and managers)

In JetThoughts we have a special day for this method of communication. Every Friday, developers and managers work side by side for project JT Contribution.

What do we do together? We discuss all problems, look for ways of solving problems, set up our goals, write articles on different topics, etc.

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In this way, communication tears down the barriers between departments, and allows people from across the company to work together. Due to a wide variety of skills and perspectives often needed to complete a project in a timely manner, greater cooperation across departments can only increase productivity.


Once your employees get into the habit of communicating regularly with each other, you’ll begin to see positive changes. Effective communication leads to happier employees, higher productivity, and larger profit margins.

And, once improved communication becomes part of your company’s policy and culture, it will continue to give you more and more benefits.

Good luck with building it your way! . . . Ruslana is a Lead Generation Manager at JetThoughts. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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