How We Hire Developers at JetThoughts

How We Hire Developers at JetThoughts

Hiring process at JetThoughts is aimed at building a solid team. We are a small company, and it is crucial to hire right people who have the relevant experience and the same mindset as the rest of the team. This is a guide on how we hire developers.


All the available positions are listed on our Career page. Also we post openings at job boards and share information on social media. You can subscribe to our accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and never miss a suitable vacancy. If there are no openings that meet your skill set, we still would be glad to receive your application at [email protected].

So, we look at the CV that you have submitted. At first point of contact we would like to know who you are, what is your expertise, and how your skills and qualifications meet our needs. Remember that the CVs with cover letters tailored for our company always stand out among copypasted text like “Hi, I’m interested in Ruby on Rails position.”

Here is the list of the things that are the most important for JetThoughts:

  • How long have you been coding? When did programming become your passion?

  • Your overall programming experience and experience in developing commercial applications.

  • Specific experience for this position.

  • How familiar you are with technologies that are in our default development stack.

  • Your employment history. Types of companies you have been working for.

  • Projects that you developed, your roles and responsibilities.

  • Experience working for small outsource companies is a plus.

  • We would like to see the samples of your code. Please provide a link to your GitHub account. If you have your own project in the open repository or open source contributions, that will reduce the time of technical interview and showcase your skills before the next steps of hiring process.

If you are a 4–5 year CS student or if you do not have sufficient programming experience, our advice is to do a test assignment or to develop your own project using the technologies mentioned in the job posting. To get a test assignment, please write at [email protected].

If we are interested in hiring you, you will receive a response within 1–2 business days after submitting your CV. Our manager will email or call you and schedule a technical interview.

2. Tech interview

Technical review is usually conducted via Skype. We use Collabedit for online coding session. This interview usually takes 40–60 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • testing your computer science knowledge (algorithms, OOP principles, code style);

  • checking specific knowledge relevant for this position (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python etc);

  • asking general questions.

At this stage we test your skills and get to know you closer. We start with the basic questions and notions, because JetThoughts is looking for people with solid background knowledge. Surprisingly, this part often trips up candidates that we thought were great. Afterwards, if everything is ok, we proceed to more complicated stuff.

After the interview we discuss the results with the team and inform you, if you are invited to the final part of our hiring process.

3. Management interview

Developers who have successfully went through a technical interview, are invited to a Skype call with our team lead. He asks additional questions (if any) and makes an offer to a candidate.

If a developer is applying for a Senior position, team lead will ask more questions about architecture of the application developed, the experience in leading the team on commercial projects, management skills and approaches.

If you accept our offer, you are welcomed at JetThoughts and become the part of our team.